Dr. Craig Saper, Graduate Program Director

Language, Literacy and Culture Faculty

Bickel BICKEL, BEVERLY, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor bickel@umbc.edu Globalized communication and culture, new media, social movements, critical pedagogy, qualitative research

Galindo Photo  GALINDO, CLAUDIA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor galindo@umbc.edu Educational inequality and the social context of education, sociology of education, educational policy, developmental psychology, and immigration.

MallinsonPhoto  MALLINSON, CHRISTINE, Ph.D., Associate Professor mallinson@umbc.edu English language variation, language and educational inequality, the interface of sociolinguistics and sociology, research methodology

SaperPhoto  SAPER, CRAIG, Ph.D., Professor and Director LLC and The Bearman Foundation Chair (2012-2015) csaper@umbc.edu E-literacy, e-publishing and online scholarship, history of reading and reading devices, networked writing, cultural and media theory and interventions

Affiliate Faculty by Departments

Africana Studies

CHUKU, GLORIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor chuku@umbc.edu African social and intellectual history; women and Nigerian political economy; slavery and slave trade; African Diaspora

American Studies

BHALLA, TAMARA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor tbhalla@umbc.edu Late 19th and 20th century multi-ethnic literatures, Asian American studies, feminist theory, multicultural discourse

BRYAN, KATHY S., Ph.D., Associate Chair, Lecturer kbryan@umbc.edu Education history and policy, gender equity in education, curriculum transformation, cultural conflict and transformation, literature and society

GONZALVES, THEO W., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair theo@umbc.edu Asian American cultural studies, social movements, performance studies and the performing arts

KING, NICOLE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor nking@umbc.edu 20th century place-based cultural history, southern studies, cultural studies, urban studies, historic preservation, environmental justice

MOFFITT, KIMBERLY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor kmoffitt@umbc.edu Media Studies/criticism, sports and identity, black hair and body politics, popular culture


BERGE, ZANE L., Ph.D., Professor berge@umbc.edu Training systems, distance education

HODELL, CHARLES, Ph.D., Associate Professor hodell@umbc.edu

LEE, DIANE M., Ph.D., Associate Professor lee@umbc.edu Human learning and cognition, research methods

NELSON, JOHN, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor nelson@umbc.edu Adult language learning, ESL testing, measurement and evaluation, linguistics and ESL teaching, ESL instruction in K-12 education

NORTH-COLEMAN, CHERYL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor cnorth@umbc.edu Secondary Education, Literacy

RIVKIN, MARY S., Ph.D., Associate Professor rivkin@umbc.edu Early childhood education, outdoor play, environmental education

SANDERS, MAVIS, Ph.D., Professor msanders@umbc.edu School, family and community engagement; education reform and improvement; African American student achievement; qualitative research methods

SCHAFFER, EUGENE C., Ed.D., Professor schaffer@umbc.edu Curriculum and instruction, educational leadership

SCULLY, PATRICIA A., Ph.D., Associate Professor patricia.scully@umbc.edu Early childhood education, early literacy, family and community relationships with schools

SHELTON, NANCY RANKIE, Ph.D., Associate Professor nshelton@umbc.edu Politics of literacy education, writing development, writing pedagogy

SHIN, JOAN, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor jshin2@umbc.edu Teaching English to Young Learners, EFL/ESL teacher education, online teacher education, virtual communities of practice, content instruction for English Language Learners

SHIN, SARAH J., Ph.D., Professor shin@umbc.edu Bilingualism, heritage language education, language policy, TESOL methodology, second language writing, academic language


BERMAN, JESSICA, Ph.D., Professor jberman@umbc.edu Comparative Studies in Literature

BURGESS, HELEN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor burgess@umbc.edu Digital humanities, rhetorics of new media, digital publishing, electronic literature, science fiction studies

GWIAZDA, PIOTR K., Ph.D., Associate Professor gwiazda@umbc.edu American literature and culture; modern and contemporary poetry; poetic theory and translation; creative writing

MAHER, JENNIFER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor jmaher@umbc.edu Rhetoric of technology, cultural theory, American literature and culture

MCCARTHY, LUCILLE, Ph.D., Professor mccarthy@umbc.edu Rhetoric and composition, writing in the professions, Latin-American literature, discourse analysis

Gender and Women’s Studies

BHATT, AMY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor abhatt@umbc.edu Gender, labor, migration, family, South Asia

MCCANN, CAROLE, Ph.D., Professor mccann@umbc.edu Cultural studies of science, feminist theory, discourse analysis


CASPER, SCOTT E., Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences casper@umbc.edu Nineteenth-century U.S. history, history of the book, American cultural history

FROIDE, AMY, Ph.D., Associate Professor froide@umbc.edu Social and economic history of women, specifically 17th and 18th century Britain

KARS, MARJOLEINE, Ph.D., Associate Professor kars@umbc.edu Early modern Atlantic world, early America, Dutch empire, slavery

MERINGOLO, DENISE, Ph.D., Associate Professor ddm@umbc.edu The significance and value of American cultural institutions

RUBIN, ANNE, Ph.D., Associate Professor arubin@umbc.eduU.S. Civil War, U.S. South, 19th century U.S., digital history

SCOTT, MICHELLE, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor mscott@umbc.edu United States social history, black women’s studies, civil rights and social justice, and American musical culture

Imaging Research Center

BOOT, LEE, MFA, Research Associate Professor boot@umbc.edu

Media & Communication Studies

ADELMAN, REBECCA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor adelman@umbc.edu Visual culture; citizenship; terror; cultural studies of terror and war; trauma studies; American studies; theories of subject-formation and subjectivity; ethics

Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication

FIELD, THOMAS T., Ph.D., Professor tfield@umbc.edu Sociolinguistics, literacy, language maintenance, French studies

KA, OMAR, Ph.D., Associate Professor ka@umbc.edu Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, Wolof language, French language

LARKEY, EDWARD, Ph.D., Professor larkey@umbc.edu German media history; global television formats and national identity; theories and history of intercultural communication, globalization, and interculturality

MEDINA LOPEZ PORTILLO, ADRIANA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor medina@umbc.edu Intercultural communication, study abroad, conflict resolution, experiential learning

OSKOZ, ANA, Ph.D., Associate Professor aoskoz@umbc.edu Second-language acquisition, technology in foreign language classroom, intercultural communication;

POGGIO, SARA Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor poggio@umbc.edu Sociology, Latin American societies, Hispanics in the United States

PROVENCHER, DENIS, Ph.D., Associate Professor provench@umbc.edu French civilization and cultural studies; language, gender and sexuality; conversation and discourse analysis, intercultural communication

SCHWARTZ, ANA MARIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor aschwart@umbc.edu Language teaching and curriculum development, learning strategies, media, heritage Spanish speakers

SHIELDS, ANNA, Ph.D., Associate Professor ashields@umbc.edu Medieval Chinese literature and literary history, genre studies, sociology of literature, and classical Chinese language

SINNIGEN, JOHN H., Ph.D., Professor sinnigen@umbc.edu

STOLLE-MCALLISTER, JOHN, Ph.D., Associate Professor stollem@umbc.edu Cultural studies, social movements, Latin American popular culture

Provost’s Office

JEWETT, SARAH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor for LLC sjewett@umbc.edu Sociocultural identities, educational equity (urban education), social studies education

Shriver Center

TAYLOR, JOBY, Ph.D., Assistant Profssor joby.taylor@umbc.edu Service-learning and civic engagement, community and place based studies, peace studies, conceptual metaphor, anthropology of religion, Baltimore (people’s history studies)

Sociology and Anthropology

ADLER, MARINA A., Ph.D., Professor adler@umbc.edu Social science methodology and statistics, cross-national gender, work and family issues; the welfare state; social policy in international perspective

CHAPIN, BAMBI, Ph.D., Assistant Professor bchapin@umbc.edu Psychological anthropology, children and families, culture transmission and change, ethnography, South Asia

CHARD, SARAH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor schard@umbc.edu Medical anthropology, urban anthropology, anthropology of gender

ECKERT, J. KEVIN, Ph.D., Professor eckert@umbc.edu Aging, health, qualitative research methods

HARRIS-WALLACE, BRANDY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor bhwalla@umbc.edu Sociology of gender, health and aging, and social research methods

MAIR, CHRISTINE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor camair@umbc.edu Life course; social ties; cross-national aging; the welfare state; intersections of gender and race/ethnicity

PINCUS, FRED L., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus pincus@umbc.edu Race, diversity, affirmative action, community colleges

ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM G., Ph.D. Professor rothstei@umbc.edu