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Dr. Craig Saper, Graduate Program Director

Language, Literacy and Culture Faculty

BickelBICKEL, BEVERLY, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor

Globalized communication and culture, new media, social movements, critical pedagogy, qualitative research.





Claudia_200X133GALINDO, CLAUDIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Educational inequality and the social context of education, sociology of education, educational policy, developmental psychology, and immigration.




Cedric HerringHERRING, CEDRIC, Ph.D., Professor

Workplace diversity, race and public policy, stratification and inequality, and jobs and economic development.





7b187f7d1d2eb2d5afd9750eac5ee548MALLINSON, CHRISTINE, Ph.D., Associate Professor

English language variation, language and educational inequality, the interface of sociolinguistics and sociology, research methodology





CraigSaper_1890SAPER, CRAIG, Ph.D., Professor and Director of LLC. The Bearman Foundation Chair (2012-2015)

E-literacy, e-publishing and online scholarship, history of reading and reading devices, networked writing, cultural and media theory and interventions



Founding Emerita Director

CRANDALL, JOANN (JODI), Ph.D., Professor Emerita content-based language learning, second language literacy, language teacher education, first and second language writing, ESL/EFL

Affiliate Faculty by Departments

Africana Studies

CHUKU, GLORIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor African social and intellectual history; women and Nigerian political economy; slavery and slave trade; African Diaspora

American Studies

BHALLA, TAMARA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Late 19th and 20th century multi-ethnic literatures, Asian American studies, feminist theory, multicultural discourse

BRYAN, KATHY S., Ph.D., Associate Chair, Lecturer Education history and policy, gender equity in education, curriculum transformation, cultural conflict and transformation, literature and society

GONZALVES, THEO W., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair Asian American cultural studies, social movements, performance studies and the performing arts

KING, NICOLE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 20th century place-based cultural history, southern studies, cultural studies, urban studies, historic preservation, environmental justice

MOFFITT, KIMBERLY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Media Studies/criticism, sports and identity, black hair and body politics, popular culture


BERGE, ZANE L., Ph.D., Professor Training systems, distance education

HODELL, CHARLES, Ph.D., Associate Professor

LEE, DIANE M., Ph.D., Associate Professor Human learning and cognition, research methods

NELSON, JOHN, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor Adult language learning, ESL testing, measurement and evaluation, linguistics and ESL teaching, ESL instruction in K-12 education

NORTH-COLEMAN, CHERYL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Secondary Education, Literacy

RIVKIN, MARY S., Ph.D., Associate Professor Early childhood education, outdoor play, environmental education

SANDERS, MAVIS, Ph.D., Professor School, family and community engagement; education reform and improvement; African American student achievement; qualitative research methods

SCHAFFER, EUGENE C., Ed.D., Professor Curriculum and instruction, educational leadership

SCULLY, PATRICIA A., Ph.D., Associate Professor Early childhood education, early literacy, family and community relationships with schools

SHELTON, NANCY RANKIE, Ph.D., Associate Professor Politics of literacy education, writing development, writing pedagogy

SHIN, JOAN, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor Teaching English to Young Learners, EFL/ESL teacher education, online teacher education, virtual communities of practice, content instruction for English Language Learners

SHIN, SARAH J., Ph.D., Professor Bilingualism, heritage language education, language policy, TESOL methodology, second language writing, academic language


BERMAN, JESSICA, Ph.D., Professor Comparative Studies in Literature

BURGESS, HELEN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Digital humanities, rhetorics of new media, digital publishing, electronic literature, science fiction studies

GWIAZDA, PIOTR K., Ph.D., Associate Professor American literature and culture; modern and contemporary poetry; poetic theory and translation; creative writing

MAHER, JENNIFER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Rhetoric of technology, cultural theory, American literature and culture

MCCARTHY, LUCILLE, Ph.D., Professor Rhetoric and composition, writing in the professions, Latin-American literature, discourse analysis

Gender and Women’s Studies

BHATT, AMY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Gender, labor, migration, family, South Asia

MCCANN, CAROLE, Ph.D., Professor Cultural studies of science, feminist theory, discourse analysis


CASPER, SCOTT E., Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Nineteenth-century U.S. history, history of the book, American cultural history

FROIDE, AMY, Ph.D., Associate Professor Social and economic history of women, specifically 17th and 18th century Britain

KARS, MARJOLEINE, Ph.D., Associate Professor Early modern Atlantic world, early America, Dutch empire, slavery

MERINGOLO, DENISE, Ph.D., Associate Professor The significance and value of American cultural institutions

RUBIN, ANNE, Ph.D., Associate Professor arubin@umbc.eduU.S. Civil War, U.S. South, 19th century U.S., digital history

SCOTT, MICHELLE, Ph.D., Associate Professor United States social history, black women’s studies, civil rights and social justice, and American musical culture

Imaging Research Center

BOOT, LEE, MFA, Research Associate Professor

Media & Communication Studies

ADELMAN, REBECCA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Visual culture; citizenship; terror; cultural studies of terror and war; trauma studies; American studies; theories of subject-formation and subjectivity; ethics

Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication

FIELD, THOMAS T., Ph.D., Professor Sociolinguistics, literacy, language maintenance, French studies

KA, OMAR, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, Wolof language, French language

LARKEY, EDWARD, Ph.D., Professor German media history; global television formats and national identity; theories and history of intercultural communication, globalization, and interculturality

MEDINA LOPEZ PORTILLO, ADRIANA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Intercultural communication, study abroad, conflict resolution, experiential learning

OSKOZ, ANA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Second-language acquisition, technology in foreign language classroom, intercultural communication

POGGIO, SARA Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor Sociology, Latin American societies, Hispanics in the United States

PROVENCHER, DENIS, Ph.D., Associate Professor French civilization and cultural studies; language, gender and sexuality; conversation and discourse analysis, intercultural communication 

SCHWARTZ, ANA MARIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Language teaching and curriculum development, learning strategies, media, heritage Spanish speakers

SHIELDS, ANNA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Medieval Chinese literature and literary history, genre studies, sociology of literature, and classical Chinese language

SINNIGEN, JOHN H., Ph.D., Professor

STOLLE-MCALLISTER, JOHN, Ph.D., Associate Professor Cultural studies, social movements, Latin American popular culture

Provost’s Office

JEWETT, SARAH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor for LLC Sociocultural identities, educational equity (urban education), social studies education

Shriver Center

TAYLOR, JOBY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Service-learning and civic engagement, community and place based studies, peace studies, conceptual metaphor, anthropology of religion, Baltimore (people’s history studies)

Sociology and Anthropology

ADLER, MARINA A., Ph.D., Professor Social science methodology and statistics, cross-national gender, work and family issues; the welfare state; social policy in international perspective

CHAPIN, BAMBI, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Psychological anthropology, children and families, culture transmission and change, ethnography, South Asia

CHARD, SARAH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Medical anthropology, urban anthropology, anthropology of gender

ECKERT, J. KEVIN, Ph.D., Professor Aging, health, qualitative research methods

HARRIS-WALLACE, BRANDY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Sociology of gender, health and aging, and social research methods

MAIR, CHRISTINE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Life course; social ties; cross-national aging; the welfare state; intersections of gender and race/ethnicity

PINCUS, FRED L., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus Race, diversity, affirmative action, community colleges