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LLC Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate Faculty by Department

Africana Studies

CHUKU, GLORIA, Ph.D., Professor African social and intellectual history; women and Nigerian political economy; slavery and slave trade; African Diaspora

American Studies

GONZALVES, THEO W., Ph.D., Associate Professor Asian American cultural studies, social movements, performance studies and the performing arts

KING, NICOLE, Ph.D., Associate Professor 20th century place-based cultural history, southern studies, cultural studies, urban studies, historic preservation, environmental justice


ALLEN, KEISHA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

BERGE, ZANE L., Ph.D., Professor Training systems, distance education

BLUNCK, SUSAN, Ph.D., Associate Professor

LEE, JIYOON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Language assessment, Second language acquisition, Teacher education

RAKES, CHRISTOPHER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Methods for improving student learning in mathematics, teacher knowledge and the role of teacher knowledge in classroom practice, the use of technology in mathematics education, and the relationship of misconceptions in algebra, geometry, rational numbers, and probability

SANDERS, MAVIS, Ph.D., Professor School, family and community engagement; education reform and improvement; African American student achievement; qualitative research methods

SCHAFFER, EUGENE C., Ed.D., Professor Curriculum and instruction, educational leadership

SHELTON, NANCY RANKIE, Ph.D., Professor Politics of literacy education, writing development, writing pedagogy

SHIN, SARAH J., Ph.D., Professor Bilingualism, heritage language education, language policy, TESOL methodology, second language writing, academic language

STITES, MICHELLE, Ed.D., Assistant Professor


BERMAN, JESSICA, Ph.D., Professor Comparative studies in literature

DICUIRCI, LINDSAY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

MAHER, JENNIFER, Ph.D., Associate Professor Rhetoric, software studies, and technical communication.

MCCARTHY, LUCILLE, Ph.D., Professor Rhetoric and composition, writing in the professions, Latin-American literature, discourse analysis

Gender and Women’s Studies

BHATT, AMY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Gender, labor, migration, family, South Asia

DRABINSKI, KATE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

MACMANUS, VIVIANA, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor

MCCANN, CAROLE, Ph.D., Professor Cultural studies of science, feminist theory, discourse analysis

Geography and Environmental Systems

BIEHLER, DAWN, Ph.D., Associate Professor


CASPER, SCOTT E., Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Nineteenth-century U.S. history, history of the book, American cultural history

FROIDE, AMY, Ph.D., Associate Professor Social and economic history of women, specifically 17th and 18th century Britain

KARS, MARJOLEINE, Ph.D., Associate Professor Early modern Atlantic world, early America, Dutch empire, slavery

RITSCHEL, DAN, Ph.D., Associate Professor

SCOTT, MICHELLE, Ph.D., Associate Professor United States social history, black women’s studies, civil rights and social justice, and American musical culture

Media & Communication Studies

ADELMAN, REBECCA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Visual culture; citizenship; terror; cultural studies of terror and war; trauma studies; American studies; theories of subject-formation and subjectivity; ethics

LOVIGLIO, JASON, Ph.D., Associate Professor Media history, cultural studies, radio studies, discourse analysis, media and politics, neoliberalism

PEAKE, BRYCE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

SHEWBRIDGE, WILLIAM, D.C.D., Assistant Professor

Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication

FIELD, THOMAS T., Ph.D., Professor Sociolinguistics, literacy, language maintenance, French studies

HOGAN, ERIN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Representations and biopolitics of children in contemporary Spain

KA, OMAR, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, Wolof language, French language

LAMBERT-BRÉTIÈRE, RENÉE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Cognitive linguistics, typology, language and culture, Caribbean Creoles, Fon (Benin), Kwoma (Papua New Guinea), description and documentation of Innu (Northeastern Quebec and Labrador, Canada)

LARKEY, EDWARD, Ph.D., Professor German media history; global television formats and national identity; theories and history of intercultural communication, globalization, and interculturality

LIZARAZO, TANIA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  Latin American cultural studies, performance studies, digital storytelling, transnational feminisms, memory studies

MUNOZ DIAZ, THANIA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Latin American literature and culture: 20th and 21st; Latino/a Literature; Spanish language literature in the U.S.; border and memory studies; autofictional writing

OSKOZ, ANA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Second-language acquisition, technology in foreign language classroom, intercultural communication

STOLLE-MCALLISTER, JOHN, Ph.D., Associate Professor Cultural studies, social movements, Latin American popular culture


BEDIAKO, SHAWN, Ph.D., Associate Professor  Social relationships and health, stigma, genetic blood disorders, community health education, cultural identity

Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Administration & Policy

ADLER, MARINA A., Ph.D., Professor Social science methodology and statistics, cross-national gender, work and family issues; the welfare state; social policy in international perspective

CHAPIN, BAMBI, Ph.D., Associate Professor Psychological anthropology, children and families, culture transmission and change, ethnography, South Asia

COUSIN-GOSSETT, NICOLE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

ECKERT, J. KEVIN, Ph.D., Professor Aging, health, qualitative research methods

HENDERSON, LOREN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Diversity issues, stratification and inequality, health disparities, and race, class, gender, and sexuality

SMITH, DENA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Sociology of Mental Health and Illness, Medical Sociology, and the Sociology of Culture and Cognition

WALLACE, BRANDY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Sociology of gender, health and aging, and social research methods

Student Life

HOFFMAN, DAVID, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Democracy and civic life, college student development, community organizing and social change, hermeneutical phenomenology