Alyssa Brumis

Misinformation & Misbeliefs: Cross-belief Communication Strategies Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Co-Chairs: Drs. Craig Saper and J. Kevin Eckert

Justin DePrima

Digital-to-Print Adaptive Transfer: An Examination of a Pedagogical Approach for Eliciting Rhetorical Knowledge Transfer. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Lucille McCarthy

Heidi Faust

Extending Professional Development through Community: A Case Study of Experienced Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers of Adults Teaching English to Young Learners in Peru. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Joan Kang Shin

Alyse Minter

Black Women and Unmet Fertility Desires: Experiences of Infertility, Impaired Fertility, and Involuntary Childlessness in the Quest for Motherhood. Chair: Dr. Brandy Wallace

Alison Morrow

The Past Is Calling: Adaptation as Popular Cultural Memory. Co-Chairs: Drs. Craig Saper and Edward Larkey

Tamisha Ponder

“I Wasn’t Going to Do a Hunger Strike, But in The End My Body Paid the Price:” An Annotated Study of the Lived Experiences of Black Lives Matter Student Activists Between 2014 and 2016. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Michelle Scott

Siobhán Quinn

Singing America’s Iliad: A Study of Cultural Identity and Belonging Through Public Events of Germania Hall, Troy, NY, 1889-1918. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Denise Meringolo

Dawn Shafer

The First but Not the Last: An Exploration of Community Cultural Wealth Among First-Generation Master’s Students. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Beth Douthirt-Cohen


Frank Anderson

Rhetorics of Transformation: Centering the Experiences of Young People to Foster Youth Agency and Create Positive Change. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Jennifer Maher

Rachel Carter

Shifting Attention: A Feminist-Humanities Model for Social Justice Education. Chair: Dr. Carole McCann

Ciara Christian

Talkin’ Shit, Pouring Libations, and Building Community:  Exploring Podcasts as a Contemporary Site of Black Feminist Knowledge Production and Activism. Co-Chairs: Drs. Brandy Wallace and Kimberly Moffitt

Shenita Denson

Retrospective Storytelling, Meaning-making, and Generativity (the passing down of wisdom): Black Intergenerational Stories about Love. Co-Chairs: Drs. Kimberly Moffitt and Brandy Wallace

Ruken Isik

Livable, Lovable, and Grievable Lives:  Kurdish Women’s Funerals in Northern Kurdistan/Turkey. Chair: Dr. Carole McCann

Susan Kerfoot

The Importance of Objectivity in Biomedical Discourse and Practice: A Critical Analysis. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Jennifer Maher

Tunisia Lacy-Lumpkin

What I Like:  Chronicles of Black Males’ Perspectives Of Black Women’s Hair. Co-Chairs: Drs. Kimberly Moffitt and Beverly Bickel

Kaleigh Mrowka

Restorative Justice Practices as a Framework For Change in Higher Education. Co-Chairs: Drs. Yolanda Valencia and Beverly Bickel


Harry Bhandari

The Political Participation and Linguistic Integration of Nepalese Americans. Chair: Dr. Loren Henderson

May Chung

Mandarin-English Dual Language Education: Understanding Parental Ideologies and Expectations. Co-Chairs: Drs. Sarah Shin and Christine Mallinson

Teresa Daniell

Bridging Cultural Borderlands of Identity: Latina Veterans on Negotiating Double Minority Status in the Military. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Thania Muñoz

Montia Gardner

Shadowed Beneath Thy Hand: Organizational Capital and the Cultivation of Academic Talent at a Low-SES Suburban High School. Chair: Dr. Pamela Bennett

J Inscoe

Sonic Waves of Grain: Paul Harvey’s American Evangelism. Co-Chairs: Drs. Jason Loviglio and Christine Mallinson

Katherine Morris

Being Called to Social Work: What Latina Women Carry. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Francine Hultgren

Tissa Thomas

Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Space and Place-Making on UMBC’s Campus Landscape. Co-Chairs: Drs. Kimberly Moffitt and Dawn Biehler

Antione Tomlin

When They See Us: Narratives of Black Male Teachers. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Keisha Allen

Eva Wright

PTSD and Narration: Traumatic Stories’ Impact on Realism in Film and Literature. Chair: Dr. Craig Saper


David Balosa

The English-Only Movement and The Political Legitimacy of Linguistic Minority Rights: The Case of Spanish in the United States. Co-Chairs: Drs. Edward Larkey and Omar Ka

Sherella Cupid

“It Felt Like Home:” Exploring Practices and Mentoring Experiences among Black Doctoral Women and Black Faculty Women in Sister Circles at Mid-Atlantic Universities. Chair: Dr. Kimberly Moffitt

Steven Dashiell

Veteran Identity Formation and Performance: The Case of Student Veterans. Chair: Dr. Carole McCann

Landry Digeon

From New York City to Paris. Crime Series Adaptation: A Multimodal Digital Semiotics Procedure. Co-Chairs: Drs. Edward Larkey and Craig Saper

Ibrahim Er

A Critical Approach to Cultural Adaptations: A Case Study on the Localization of Norms of Authority and Gender Politics in TV Series Adaptations in Turkey. Co-Chairs: Drs. Edward Larkey and Bilge Yesil

Mary Gallagher

“What am I Supposed to Look Like?” STEM Identity Narratives of Women of Color Pursuing a Computing Degree Through Vertical Transfer. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Sarah Jewett

Sedrick Smith

Depictions versus Reality: Countering the television mediated narratives of Black teachers in Baltimore. Chair: Dr. Kimberly Moffitt

Jaclyn Stone

Receive, Respond, Report: Faculty Experiences with Students’ Disclosures of Sexual Assault. Co-Chairs: Drs. Bambi Chapin and Christine Mallinson

Tymofey Wowk

A Path toward Educational Equity: Factors Facilitating the Persistence of Racial/Ethnic Minority Students at Community Colleges. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Claudia Galindo


Delana Gregg

Effects of “High-Impact Practices” on First-Generation College Students’ Academic Success. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Jane Arnold Lincove

Diane Kuthy

Whitework: Uncovering the visual culture of whiteness through quiltmaking, history, and art education curricula.  Co-Chairs: Drs. Nicole King and James Smalls

Shawntay Stocks

Faculty Diversity Initiatives at a Historically Diverse Institution: A Critical Race Theory Analysis.  Co-Chairs: Drs. Mavis Sanders and Claudia Galindo


Erin Berry-McCrea

“They Ask, Why Do You Talk Like That: I Ask, Why Don’t You Want to Talk Like That?”: Black Women Undergraduates on Language, Identity, and Social Media.  Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Jason Loviglio

Felix Burgos

Memory and Memorialization in the Midst of Colombia’s Armed Conflict. Chair: Dr. Craig Saper

Inte’a DeShields

Spitfire: Framing White Rage in Response to Black Rhetoric. Chair: Dr. Craig Saper

Shirley Basfield Dunlap

The Oral History Project of African American Stage Directors in American Theatre. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Michelle Scott

Kim Feldman

Creating Space for Conversation in Policy and Practice: Award-winning Teachers Rehumanizing their Work through Dialogical Praxis.  Co-Chairs: Drs. Nancy Shelton and Christine Mallinson

Teresa Bass Foster

Felonious Women & Familial Bonds: Convict Transportation to the Maryland Colony, 1718-1739. Chair: Dr. Marjoleine Kars

Christopher Justice

Ichthyoliteracy: How Fish and Fisheries Influence Human Literacy.  Chair: Dr. Craig Saper

Mary Laurents

The Effect of Collective Identity Formation and Fracture in Britain During the First World War and the Interwar Period.  Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Daniel Ritschel 

Erin Roth

Affective Childhood Origins of Type 2 Diabetes Among Older Adults. Chair: J. Kevin Eckert

Kevin Wisniewski

American Amateur: Francis Hopkinson and the Poetics of Publishing in Revolutionary America. Chair: Dr. Craig Saper


Jessica Floyd

Jib-booms, Barrels, and Dead-Eyes: Singing Sex in Sea Chanteys. Co-Chairs: Drs. Amy Froide and Laura Rosenthal 

Doaa Rashed

Investigating the Factors Influencing ESL Teacher Professional Identity in Higher Education. Co-Chairs: Drs. Susan Blunck and Christopher Rakes 


Lori Edmonds

Student Centered Funds of Knowledge in the Chemistry Classroom. Co-Chairs: Dr. JoAnn Crandall and Nancy Rankie Shelton

John Lance Fritz

Using Analytics to Encourage Student Responsibility for Learning and Identify Course Designs That Help. Chair: Dr. Zane Berge

Teresa (Tracy) Irish

Determining the Impact of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Academy Measurement Tool on the Development of K-12 STEM Academies as Professional Learning Communities. Co-Chairs: Dr. Susan Blunck and Dr. Anne Spence

Anissa Sorokin

“The Hardest Part was Writing the Songs, But the Easiest Part was Motivation”: Music Centered Pedagogy in the College Composition Classroom. Chair: Dr. Lucille McCarthy 


Emerald Christopher-Byrd

The Love and Marriage Playbook: Contemporary Guidelines for Black Women in Relationship Advice Literature. Chair: Dr. Michelle Scott

Andrew DeVos

Mixed Messages: An Interdisciplinary Narrative of Interracial Sexuality in US Films, 1956-2001. Co-Chairs: Dr. Beverly Bickel and Dr. Jason Loviglio

Latasha Eley

#Teamlightskin Vs. #Teamdarkskin, #Teamnatural Vs. #Teamrelaxed: Black Women’s Experiences of Skin Hue and Hair Politics in College. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Kimberly Moffitt

Jermaine Ellerbe

From Clinical Preparation to Professional Practice: A Case Study Assessing Teacher Education Outcomes and School District Domains in First Year Teachers’ Performance Evaluations. Chair: Dr. Susan Blunck

Emek Ergun

Doing Feminist Translation as Local and Transnational Activism: The Turkish Translation of Virgin: The Untouched History and Its Reception. Chair: Dr. Carole McCann

Hui Chih (Hilda) Huang

Variational Pragmatics of Mandarin Chinese: A Comparative Study of Gossip in China and Taiwan Sitcoms with Implications for the CSL Classroom. Co-Chairs: Drs. Thomas Field and Ana Oskoz

Romy Hübler

From Isolation to Participation: Engaged Graduate Education. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Joby Taylor

Satarupa Joardar

Twitter and Mainstream Media Discourses of a Social Movement: An Exploratory Case Study of the Indian Anti-Corruption Movement of 2011. Co-Chairs: Drs. Craig Saper and Beverly Bickel

Kelly Lynch

Unveiling Anti-Immigrant Discourse in Popular Online News Reporting of Immigration Reform. Chair: Dr. Jennifer Maher

Masibonge Ian L. Ngidi-Brown

Through the Lens of uBuntu: Inclusive, Critically Diverse, and Locally Derived Transformation Efforts in a South African Bank. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Omar Ka

Uzma Abdul Rashid

Exploring Muslim Women: A Qualitative Study of the Construction of Gendered Religious Identities among Graduates of an Islamic School. Chair: Dr. Mavis G. Sanders


Christopher Browder

English Learners With Limited or Interrupted Formal Education: Risk and Resilience in Educational Outcome. Chair: Dr. Claudia Galindo

Samir El Omari

The Impact of Computer Assisted Language Learning Adhering to the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning: A Focus on Modern Standard Arabic at the University Level. Co-Chairs: Drs. Claudia Galindo and Ana Oskoz

Hye-Sook Lee

The Intersection Between Professional Development and Professional Learning Communities: Working Towards Improving the Educational Experiences of English Learners. Co-Chairs: Drs. Claudia Galindo and Joann Crandall

Heather Linville

A Mixed Methods Investigation of ESOL Teacher Advocacy: “It’s not going in and just teaching English”. Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and JoAnn Crandall

Thomas Penniston

The Impacts of Service-Learning Participation upon Post- Secondary Students’ Academic, Personal, and Social Development. Co-Chairs: Drs. Claudia Galindo and Joby Taylor 

Amy Pucino

A Mixed-Methods Exploration: Refugees’ Caring Relationships as a Source of Social Capital. Chair: Dr. Claudia Galindo

Autumn Reed

Whose Agenda is it Anyway?: American News Coverage of the “Honor Killing” of Noor Faleh Almaleki and the Discursive Construction of Boundaries. Chair: Dr. Claudia Galindo

Jeremy Trucker

Mapping the Journey of Community College Honors Students: Toward the Identification and Duplication of Student Success. Chair: Dr. Jennifer Maher

Zuotang Zhang

An Ethonography of Traditional Rural Folk Funeral Practice in Northwestern China. Chairs: Drs. Joby Taylor and Beverly Bickel


Eunju Chung Chen

The “Culture Problem” in Intercultural Communication: Toward A Critical Proficiency of Power. Co-Chairs: Drs. Edward Larkey and Jennifer Maher

Sara Mae Cole

Ergodic Ontogeny: Influences of Interactive Media on Identity. Chair: Dr. Craig Saper

Gwen Creel-Erickson

Immigrants in the Digital Age: Portraits of Spanish-speaking Young Men Learning in a Community-Based Setting. Chair: Dr. Sarah Shin

Troy Grant

“Stop the Lies. Let the Truth Be told!”: Education Reform and the Save Our School March and National Call to Action (SOS). Co-Chairs: Drs. Beverly Bickel and Nancy Shelton

Jennifer Harrison

Oppositional Narratives: Embedded Tales, Social Justice, and the Reader. Chair: Dr. Jessica Berman

David B. Hoffman

Becoming Real: Undergraduates’ Civic Agency Journeys. Co-Chairs: Drs. Diane Lee and Beverly Bickel 

Beshon Trusty-Smith

The Optimism to Overcome: Educational Beliefs and Strategies of Resilience Among African American College Graduates Who Are Former Teenage Mothers. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Fred Pincus


Cara Okopny

Burden of Care: Women’s Environmental Responsibility in U.S. Popular Media. Co-Chairs: Drs. Warren Belasco and Beverly Bickel

Dana Polson 

Longing for Theory: Performance Debate Practice in Baltimore. Chair: Dr. Christine Mallinson

Danika Rockett 

Single Women in Borders: Religion and Philanthropy as Paths to Social Action in Victorian Britain. Chair: Dr. Amy Froide

Laura Strickling

A Linguistic Journey: Teachers Talk about Integrating Southern and African American English into their Teaching Practices, and the Process of Changing their Beliefs about Language. Chair: Dr. Christine Mallinson

Donna Taylor

Negotiating Visual and Performing Arts Academic Disciplinary Identities in the Entrepreneurial University. Chair: Dr. Craig Saper

Corine Fisher Toomer

The Breast Health of Church Going African American Women: Do Culture and Religiosity Play Important Roles in Achieving Optimal Breast Health Decisions?  Chair: Dr. William Rothstein


Laura Marina Colombo

Writing Resources Used by Graduate International Students and Their Effect on Academic Satisfaction. Chair: Dr. Claudia Galindo

Asli Abdisalam Hassan

Lesson Study: A Professional Development Approach for University English Language, Mathematics, and Science Teachers. Chair: Dr. Jodi Crandall

Derek M. Lewis

The Effects of Reading Recovery on the English Reading Development of Native Spanish-Speaking ESOL Students. Chair: Dr. Jodi Crandall

Rita Turner

Critical Ecoliteracy: An Interdisciplinary Secondary and Post-Secondary Humanities Curriculum to Cultivate Environmental Consciousness. Chair: Dr. Christine Mallinson

Polina Vinogradova

Digital Storytelling in ESL Instruction: Identity Negotiation Through a Pedagogy of Multiliteracies. Chair: Dr. Jodi Crandall

Yasuko Nadayoshi Walcott

Experiences of Japanese Women Who Married American Military Personnel and Emigrated to the United States between 1945 and 1965. Chair: Dr. Robert Rubinstein

Ingrid F. Watson-Miller

“I Am Very Dark, But Comely”: Consciousness and Black Women in the Fiction of Ecuador’s Luz Argentine Chiriboga. Co-Chairs: Drs. Jodi Crandall and Antonio Tillis


Yonghun Lee

Museum as a City Revitalization Device: The Revitalization of the City of Gwangju Through the Hub City of Asian Culture Project. Chair: Dr. Edward Larkey

Jiraporn Meechai

Thai EFL Online Diaries: Literacy Practice and Self Expression. Chair: Dr. Thomas Field

Jeanine Latoya Williams

Representation, Engagement and Agency for African American Students in Postsecondary Literacy Instruction: A Critical, Qualitative Content Analysis of Current Developmental Reading Textbooks. Chair: Dr. Christine Mallinson


Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerrero

Assessing the development of learners’ intercultural sensitivity and intercultural communicative competence: The intercultural Spanish class. Chair: Dr. Ana Maria Schwartz

Helen Atkinson

“Doing School”: A New Unit of Analysis for Schools Serving Marginalized Students. Chair: Dr. Beverly Bickel

Cherisse Carlin

Exploring the Interpretation of Race in the United States through the Cosmopolitan eyes of Trinidadian immigrants. Chair: Dr. Fred Pincus

Oleta Dianne McElroy

The Influence of Health Insurance and a Personal Doctor on Health Behaviors and Health Status Among Different Race and Ethnic Groups. Chairs: William Rothstein

Brian Vincent Souders

Now That I’m Home, Who Am I? National Identity Negotiation Among U.S. Study Abroad Students. Co-Chairs: Drs. Denis Provencher and Christine Mallinson

Alliscia N. Wharton

Women In the Federal Government:Using Networks and Mentors to Navigate the Management Hierarchy. Chair: Dr. Fred Pincus

Karsonya Wise Whitehead

Reconstructing Memories: A Case Study of Emelie Davis, a Nineteenth-Century Freeborn Colored Woman. Co-Chairs: Drs. Christine Mallinson and Kriste Lindenmeyer


Paula Bothelo

Brazilian music in the New York Times: Sites for the Production of Representations of U.S. Dominance and the Consumption of Brazilian Popular Culture. Chair: Dr. Patrice McDermott

Mark Lucas Parker

Impact of Asynchronous and Text-Based Communication Modalities on Non-Native Speakers of English in Fully Online U.S. University Courses. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Donna Neutze

Picturing science: The who, what, and where or images in children’s award-winning science trade books. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Joan Kang Shin

Building an Effective International Community of Inquiry for EFL Professionals in an Asynchronous Discussion Board. Co-Chairs: Drs. JoAnn Crandall and Beverly Bickel

Alfreda Dudley-Sponaugle

Assessing Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Ethics Instruction in a Computing Curriculum. Co-Chairs: Dr. Zane Berge and Farhad Khalatbari

Paula L. Webber

Critical Passages to Success: An Exploratory Comparison of Factors that Support or Inhibit College Persistive Behaviors in Women Emancipated from Foster Care. Chair: Dr. Patrice McDermott


Faida Abu-Gazaleh

Palestinians in Diaspora: An Ethnographic Study of Ethnic Identity among Palestinian-American Families in Maryland. Co-Chairs: Drs. John Stolle-McAllister and Beverly Bickel

Sheila Allen

Joining School Communities of Practice: Career Changer Teacher Identity Transitions. Chair: Dr. Diane Lee

Juanita Ashby Bey

An Exploration of Identity Development and Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices Among African American Elementary Pre-Service Teachers in Urban Communities. Chair: Dr. Susan Blunck

Supamit Chanseawrassamee

Bilingual Development of Two Thai Brothers During Their Sojourn in the U.S. Chair: Dr. Sarah Shin

Mamadou Salif Diallo

English Needs Analysis of Science and Technology Students at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar (UCAD). Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Donna Kinerney

Understanding the Persistence of Adult ESOL Literacy Learners. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Abdoulaye Mbaye

Outcomes and Impact in Adult Literacy Programs in Senegal: Two Case Studies. Chair: Dr. Omar Ka

Hannah Mweru Mwangi Mugambi

Perceptions of Low-Income, HIV Positive Women of Nakuru, Kenya, on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Condom Use. Chair: Dr, Fred L. Pincus

Carolina de los Ríos

Gender and Identity in a Community of Working Class Latina Mothers. Chair: Dr. Ana Maria Schwartz


John Ryan Monroe

Testing the Low Class: Standardized Assessment in the Lives of Hispanic ELL Students. Chair: Dr. Sarah Shin


Beverly Ann Bickel

Transforming Knowledge at the Crossroads: Claiming the Internet as Transnational Space. Chair: Dr. Patrice McDermott

LaJerne Cornish

Do you see What I see? An Analysis of Beginning Teachers’, Mentors’, and Principals’ Perception of the Blum Mentoring Program. Chair: Dr. Patricia Scully

Genevieve Kikelomo Dibua

Gender Discourse and Cultural Taboos in a Rural African Society: The Esan People of Nigeria. Chair: Dr. Omar Ka

Datta Kaur Khalsa

Support for Global Project Based Learning: U.S. Teacher Motivation, Online Training, Virtual Teamwork, Trust and Identity. Co-Chairs: Drs. Jennifer Preece and JoAnn Crandall

Eleanor G. Welsh Parris

Web shock: College students and adaptation to the culture of the online classroom. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Loreto Sanchez-Serrano

Teaching Foreign Language Online: A Grounded Theory Study On Teaching Spanish At A Distance. Chair: Dr. Kendra Wallace

Jong Hun Shin

The Formation and Everyday Negotiation of Ethnic Identity among Korean-American High School Students in the United States. Chair: Dr. Patricia San Antonio

Joby Taylor

Metaphors We Serve By: Critical and Constructive Play with the Discourses on Service, National Service, and Service-Learning. Chair: Dr. Mary Rivkin


Silvio Avendaño-García

Providing On-line Professional Development for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers: A Study of an On-line Educational Technology Course for Latin American EFL Teachers. Chair: Dr. Susan Blunck

Charles Hodell

Nontraditional Students Attending a Nontraditional College: The National Labor College Experience. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Kathleen Rebekah de Wit

Exploring the Progression of US Students’ Goals in Three Study and Internship Abroad Programs in the UK. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Adriana Medina López Portillo

College Students’ Progress in Intercultural Sensitivity Development as a Result of their Studying Abroad. Chair: Dr. Ana Maria Schwartz

David Keith Truscello

Expanding Social Capital Networks of Knowledge Through Critical Pedagogy: A Critical Ethnography with Community College Students. Chair: Dr. Ana Maria Schwartz


Chadia N. Abras

Determining Success in Online Academic and Health Communities: Developing Usability and Sociability Heuristics. Chair: Dr. Jennifer J. Preece

Codou Diaw

Gender and Educational Policies in Senegal: Impact and Prospects for Girls’ and Women’s Literacy. Chair: Dr. Omar Ka

Susan Finn Miller

Parent/Family Involvement in an Even Start Program: Reaching Beyond Accountability. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Diane Maloney-Krichmar

An ethnographic study of an online health community: Group dynamics, roles, and relationships. Chair: Dr. Jennifer J. Preece

Chinturu (Chi-Chi) Uchendu

Equal Encounters: Gender, Language and Power in an African Society -The Case of Ubang, Nigeria. Chair: Dr. Patrice McDermott


Karen Carpenter

Escaping Flatland: Weaving Words and Images in Visual Communication. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Kevin Maxwell

Achievement and Perceptions of African American Students in a Two-way Immersion Program. Chair: Dr. JoAnn Crandall

Isabel Moreno López

Re-thinking the Spanish Classroom through Critical Pedagogy: A Critical Ethnographic Study. Chair: Dr. Kendra Wallace

Sandra López Rocha

The Process of Intercultural Adaptation of a Group of Egyptian Scholars in the United States: Issues of Adaptation and Intercultural Stress. Chair: Dr. Robert Rubinstein