Current Students

 and their research interests

Laurel Burggraf Bassett

Ossian/Fenian cycle, oral/written traditions, Samuel Johnson’s Literary Club, reliability of academic apparatus, intercultural encounters in the eighteenth century

Jessica Burstrem

Resistance by way of social movements, popular culture, film, literature, gender & mothering studies, Black cultural studies, American Indian studies, narrative time, representation, qualitative methodologies

Forrest Caskey

Social justice, race theory, language, power, education, identity

Deanna Cerquetti

Nneka Chisholm-Edwards

Sonya Crosby 

Black women and work, intersectionality, critical race theory, women and leadership, higher education, Black feminism

Lavon Davis

Gatekeeping/access based on the intersection of race and language, educational linguistics, linguistic profiling, raciolinguistics,  interpersonal communication, and conversational interaction/style

Adrianna Ebron

The misdiagnosis of ADHD among Brown and Black boys in K-5 education

Shani Fleming

Institutional accountability: recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in medical education; critical race theory

Dane Galloway

Family memory, historical (auto)ethnography, history of the social sciences and exclusionary identity formations, narrative and identity development, intellectual and cultural history, historiography of the Philippines during WWII

Jamie Gillan

Higher education, immigrant students, storytelling

Cari Coleman Godin

Sense of belonging, attrition rates, degree completion

Kyle Goehner

The Pathways Model in community colleges

Neisha-Anne Green

Keith Harmon

Inclusive excellence, underrepresentation, race and ethnicity, intervention programs, culture of higher education

Ronald (RJ) Harvilicz III 

Coffee, cafe, culture, writing, identity

Adam Holden

Intercultural/international education, sustainability (environmental, social, economic), civic agency

Shahin Hossain

Poverty and unemployment in refugee camps, Islamophobia in Muslim majority countries, blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs, wealth inequality in education, infusing computational thinking in early childhood classroom, media portrayals of minorities, social media effects on youth, leadership in collaborative governance, managing public organizations

Michael Hunt

Seeks to bridge spirituality and STEM education by examining culturally nuanced resources for increasing self-esteem and incorporating spirituality in fostering math literacy

Anthony Hynes

Racial connectedness amongst transracial adoptees

Kristin Kelly

Literacy development, intersectionality, womanist pedagogy, mindfulness/spiritual identity, identity politics, Black feminism, social learning theory, and socio-psycholinguistics

Charlotte Keniston

The use of community based visual story work in movements for social change; digital storytelling, photovoice, community mapping, participatory action research; food and land sovereignty; birth storytelling; community-led social change; ethical and mutually beneficial university-community collaborations

Julie Kim

oral history, Korean history, memoirs and personal histories, and gender and media studies

Alexis Kocerhan

 The history of the American shopping mall, American studies, cultural studies, critical theory, aesthetic theory

John Lawton

The crossroads of participatory media, performativity, resistance, and movement building; how the structure of social media influences apolitical perceptions of digital activism

Gina Marie Lewis

Evan Lincove

Elaine MacDougall

Maria Manni

Joshua Massey

computer science, education in diverse/underserved communities, educational policy, teacher preparation/education, student success, academic rigor

Chelsea Mays-Williams

Caylie Middleton

International education, intercultural competency training

Xixëllonjë Nebihu

Multicultural education, educational equity, immigration and education, marginalized groups, and English as a second language

Caroline Njoroge

community-based/led development in the global south, media representations of African development

Ngeri Nnachi-Azuewah

Inclusion, empowerment, code switching, human rights

Jacqueline Peng

Familial and school racial-ethnic socialization of biracial mixed & multiracial youth; academic & social outcomes for biracial and multiracial PK-12 students; multicultural education; teacher education & training

Dontae Phillips

The dynamics of families of color; genealogy and behavioral patterns of the family nucleus and how culture shifts have impeded the makeup of the family unit over time within an urban context; human ecology, education paradigms, and how emerging urbanization has influenced the holistic family nucleus

Lauren Pollak

Higher education, two-year and community colleges, composition placement practices, developmental education reform, integrated reading and writing, belonging, anti-racist grading and assessment, critical ethnography, intersectionality, community and place-based education

Maria Razcon

Digital wilds, game-based language learning, fan fiction, second language socialization in digital spaces, genre pedagogy, digital L2 identities

Chrissie Reilly

Kara Seidel

Language of disability in higher education; sociolinguistics; intersection of race and accessibility; educational policy

Sonya Squires-Caesar

“Tangled Money Tales: A Life History Exploration of Childhood Money Messages”

Zareen Taj

Jackson Tucker

Rhetoric of labor, democracy, human rights; multimodal and metacognitive composition; accessibility and digital humanities; environmental justice

Shelly Washington

Black millennial feminism, diversity in the workplace, double consciousness, wealth inequality, social mobility, the intersection of personal and professional identities in social media, sex positivity

Caron Wildy

James Wright

Sergio Iñaki Zárate

Cultural studies, subcultures and popular music; the cultural uses of sound, ethnographic and archival work, visual studies, the practices of memory and preservation of musical cultures and subcultures; the relationship between creative practices, politics and affections, the bets on micropolitical resistance and social transformation, the affective turn and the cultural roles of affections