LLC Course Progression

Required Courses (4 courses)  These courses provide a social science and humanities context for an interdisciplinary foundation to further study. These four required courses must be taken in the first two years in order to make satisfactory progress in the program.

  • LLC 700    Introduction to Language, Literacy and Culture I (offered in the fall)
  • LLC 701     Introduction to Language, Literacy and Culture II (offered in the spring)
  • LLC 744    Methods of LLC Research I (offered in the fall)
  • LLC 745    Methods of LLC Research II (offered in the spring)

Specialization Courses (4 or 5 courses needed for degree; see Summary below)  These courses build the theoretical foundations for research. Students should choose courses which, as a whole, provide the background needed to complete their chosen dissertation research.

  • LLC 606 Social Inequality and Social Policy (SOCY 606)
  • LLC 610 Identity as Cultural Practice
  • LLC 611 Constructing Race, Class and Gender (SOCY 611)
  • LLC 612 Language in Diverse Schools and Communities
  • LLC 613 Language, Gender and Sexuality
  • LLC 622 Inequality in Education
  • LLC 660 Theoretical Approaches to Intercultural Communication (MLLI 660)
  • LLC 680 Theories of Feminism (GWST 680)
  • LLC 750 Topics in LLC (course offerings vary)
  • LLC 892 Independent Study in LLC

Research Methodology Courses (2 or 3 courses needed for degree; see Summary below)  Doctoral research may use more than one process or technique for collecting and analyzing information. Students must take coursework in the type(s) of methodology they plan to use in their research.

  • LLC 601 Intercultural Pragmatics (MLLI 601) 
  • LLC 645 Quantitative Research Methods I (4 credits)
  • LLC 646 Quantitative Research Methods II
  • LLC 650 Ethnographic Methods
  • LLC 651 Discourse and Conversation Analysis

Courses not listed above may count towards a student’s Specialization and/or Methodology coursework requirements but they must be approved by LLC advisors and/or the LLC curriculum committee.

Additional Repeatable Courses Needed for Degree

  • LLC 898 Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Research (3 credits, students are billed for 1 credit)
  • LLC 890 Research Proposal Seminar
  • LLC 899 Doctoral Dissertation Research (minimum of 2 semesters; 9 credits per semester, students are billed for 2 credits per semester)

Summary of Credits Needed for Degree Completion

12 credits Required “core” courses

21 credits Specialization and Methodology courses

  3 credits Pre-candidacy research

  3 credits Proposal seminar

18 credits Doctoral dissertation research

57 credits minimum

General Notes

Attendance in all of these advanced graduate seminars is essential.  Most classes meet 4:30-7, and some meet 7:10-9:40.  Requirements are based on the catalogue at the time of matriculation.

Financial aid information is available here.