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Student Advisory Board


The structures, processess, curriculum and community of UMBC’s interdisciplinary LLC PhD program will be strengthened and developed through the direct, focused and constructive input of its student body.


A volunteer committee made up of cross-section of students and alumni representing all program cohorts will strengthen the LLC program and community by:

  • Generating creative ideas for program development and distributing these proposals to the LLC community for review.
  • Engaging in recruitment and fundraising activities in support of the LLC program’s goals.
  • Using a range of media and forums (e.g., LLC webpage, listserv, courses, colloquia, suggestion box, etc…) to collect program feedback and suggestions and to assess student needs incorporating as broad a sample of LLC students as possible.
  • Planning and implementing support services for students as they progress through the program. These may include student-to-student advising, alumni supports, and faculty/board support and will address student needs ranging from orientation to dissertation.
  • Communicating constructive advice to the LLC program director and the program’s faculty council on behalf of the student body.
  • Soliciting views and ideas from faculty and staff on specific activities or content that they would like to see integrated into the program.
  • Meeting regularly in service to the program, publishing the content and outcomes of the meeting.

If you are interested in serving on the SAB, or if you have ideas for issues you would like the SAB to discuss, please write to