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Real People Profiles: Sabina Foisor

We're asking some of the people you might encounter on the UMBC campus, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, to answer a few questions about themselves and their experiences. These are their responses.

Name: Sabina Foisor

Hometown: Timisoara, Romania

Major: INCC (Intercultural Communication)

Q: How long have you been at UMBC?

A: Fall 2008

Q: What is your current title (job or student organization position)?

A: Aside from being a full time graduate student I am also a member of the UMBC's Chess Team. My position at UMBC would be Treasurer of the Chess Club, but I have been involved much more in creating events and ads to raise the awareness of UMBC's Chess Team on campus and in our community. Together with Joel DeWyer and Tim Bubb, we have created 3 awesome ads that have been running on the inet screens in the passed 2 months. Hope everyone enjoyed them! Aside from my involvement with the chess team I am a member of US Women's Olympic Team. 

Q: In 12 words or less, what role(s) do you play on campus? 

A: Let people know the importance of interculturality, but also promote the benefits of chess.

Q: What aspect of your UMBC role(s) do you enjoy most?

A: What I like the most about UMBC is its diversity, focus on education and high involvement with the community. I am really happy to have met so many people who are closely working with the community on and off campus.

Q: What is the most important or memorable thing you learned in college/have learned at UMBC?

A: I learned so many things, that I don't know with which one to start...First of all, UMBC has given me the opportunity to come to the US and receive a great education. It is a pleasure and a honor to be a Retriever and I am really proud of who I have become in these almost 5 years spent here. I came to UMBC in the Fall of 2008 on a chess scholarship and have graduated with a BA in MLL with concentration in French Language and Literature in May 2012. I have learned many things about different cultures. Although, I hadn't been planning on it, I have decided to pursue my Masters in Intercultural Communication at UMBC. So far it has been a great experience, very challenging, but overall amazing. One does not always realize the differences between different cultures and the challenges some face in another culture; I have learned here on how to deal with cultural challenges, but also how to help others deal with some of theirs. In addition, I have met amazing people at UMBC and created friendships that I believe will last a lifetime!

Q: Complete this sentence: "I am a big fan of __________"

A: Chess, Orioles, Ravens, Blake Shelton, cooking and many more

Q: Do you have any UMBC stories, little-known facts about UMBC, favorite spots on campus, or anything else you’d like to share?

A: I'm proud to be a Retriever, but I think I already mentioned that 🙂

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Posted: April 24, 2013, 8:43 AM