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LLCI GSO, BPAR and SisterScholars

Invitation to join

September 13, 2017 10:12 PM
Dear LLC’ers!
Welcome back to most of you and welcome aboard to the new cohort 20! Below you will find three GSO that are seeking to continue to aid LLC’ers in research, activism, and socialization/community-building. This academic year and moving forward we hope to increase community, collegiality and involvement within the LLC. We invite you to join the GSO’s listed below, and know that you’re able to create a GSO as well.

Language, Literacy and Culture Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Organization (LLCI GSO).

The LLCI GSO was created to support and connect LLC graduate students across cohorts. In order to fight fragmentation and the feeling of being siloed, our organization aims to create social and research based gatherings for LLC students. Currently, we are seeking more participants on the LLCI GSO executive board. We need a treasurer and senator. Additionally, we need IDEAS!

How can we support you? What type of gatherings are you interested in attending?  Please email us if you are interested in joining. We are:

Shawntay Stocks
Siobhan Quinn
Sherella Cupid

We look forward to hearing from you!




#SisterScholars GSO
#SisterScholars GSO is for self-identifying Black women in graduate school interested in building community, having a safe space, and expanding their networks. A recurring research thread is the need for Black women to have more spaces and opportunities to connect, collaborate, and research, as they assist each other in the attainment of their degrees. Consequently, the goal of this organization is to provide peer-to-peer support in the areas of academic, professional, and personal development, strengthen faculty-student relationships, and create better career networks and outcomes. This GSO provides Black women, as a minority group on campus, opportunities to form bonds that enhance their experiences, through the sharing of knowledge and advice, production of scholarship, and participation in extracurricular events on and off campus.

Please email us if you are interested in joining. We are:

Sherella Cupid
Montia Gardner
Shawntay Stocks
Tamisha Ponder


Baltimore Participatory Action Research  GSO

The B’PAR GSO is an interdisciplinary group of UMBC Graduate Students who are interested or engaged in participatory research methods. The GSO serves as a network, forum, and safe space for these students. Having this support network is crucial because participatory research is a team based endeavor and requires collaboration across fields and disciplines, as well as in-depth engagement in local communities. The B’PAR GSO will be integral in fostering these collaborations. The B’PAR GSO organizes workshops and convenings to support the professional development of Graduate Students who pursue participatory research projects. 

​For more information contact: Frank Anderson​

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