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Fall 15: Weekly Writing Workshops for LLC Students

NO FEE (but must sign up)

May 7, 2015 9:26 PM

Weekly Writing Workshops for LLC Students Only
There's no cost for these workshops (but you must sign up)

This workshop, designed and conducted by Dr. Craig Saper, will provide a springboard for students who may be struggling to get their scholarship on paper.

Instead of formal seminars and generalized, group-based programs, this workshop emphasizes a regular, informal, and ongoing exchange of feedback on an individual’s work and scholarly mentoring. 

Traditional writing workshops and activities addressed to graduate students mainly focus on the individualized one-to-one tutoring assistance which is, at times, the only moment in the writing process where the product is revised before submission. Although these activities satisfy the immediate needs of paper submission, it is important to consider that the essential foundation of scholarship is the process of constant peer-review and revise & resubmit.

This workshop consists of regular online meetings and writing reviews both in groups and individually. Face to face meetings scheduled at mutually convenient times so as not to interfere with other courses.

Please contact Liz Steenrod at if you are interested or have any questions.

This semester long prototype version of the workshop is sponsored by a Graduate School Grant.

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