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Women of Color Virtual Meet-Up

For self-identified women of color in the UMBC community!

Monday, September 21, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
We're celebrating a new school year at UMBC, and we want to bring together UMBC's women of color students, staff, and faculty online to snack, share, and network among one another!

We will be discussing, "Community Organizing among Women of Color " .

If you identify as a woman of color, you are invited to help build a strong foundation for the coming school year. 

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This year, we are honored to host two guest panelists:
  • Courtney Hobson, Program Coordinator for the Dresher Center for the Humanities
  • Tania Lizarazo, Assistant Professor at UMBC contributing to the Global Studies Program, the Spanish Area and the MA in Intercultural Communication

Courtney Hobson is a fat, Black, nerdy, queer, and disabled public historian and gardener who lives in Southwest Baltimore. She is a leadership member of Pop! Farm, which is a community garden located in Southwest Baltimore. Pop! Farm is guided by the ideals of equitable land sovereignty, racial equity, and addressing food aparthied.
Whenever possible, Courtney loves to play trivia, watch true crime documentaries, and take pictures of her cat, Pepper. Courtney is an alum of UMBC’s Historical Studies Master’s Program and, currently, the Program Coordinator for the Dresher Center for the Humanities.

Tania Lizarazo grew up in Bogotá, Colombia visiting undocumented family living in Florida, and only moved to California in 2009 to start her PhD at the University of California, Davis. Although her tourist and student visas show a story of privileged immigration, her Colombian passport has collected enough visas that prove the limits of global mobility.
As an academic, she has collaborated and learned with LGBTQ+ farmworkers, Afro-Colombian activists, and members of immigrant communities, which has informed her teaching and research practices. Dr. Tania Lizarazo is an Assistant Professor at UMBC contributing to the Global Studies Program, the Spanish Area, and the MA in Intercultural Communication. Her research interests include digital storytelling, Latin American cultural studies, transnational feminisms and performance studies. Ongoing digital storytelling projects include: “Moving Stories: Latinas in Baltimore,” and a teaching project with Dr. Thania Muñoz D.: “Intercultural Tales: Learning With Baltimore’s Immigrant Communities”.

In addition to hearing from our guest panelists, you will have the opportunity to build community in small break out rooms and learn more about Women's Center events and programs!

Join the fun!! :D

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