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CURRENTS: Humanities Work Now

Aimi Bouillon (IMDA) and John Rennie Short (Public Policy)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Performing Arts & Humanities Building : 216
Fall 2018 Works-in-Progress Talks

Finding Ryukyu
Aimi Bouillon, MFA Candidate in Intermedia + Digital Arts; 2018 Dresher Center Graduate Student Research Fellow

My research involves a semiotic analysis of the Ryukyu oral language and the transliteration that happens when it is written into Japanese and/or English forms. I analyze and mine meaning in a documentary project titled “Finding Ryukyu” using historical documents and 35mm film photography. My interest is especially focused on the complexity of transliterating the Ryukyu language while maintaining original cultural meanings.


The National Atlas as Imagined Community
John Rennie Short, Professor of Public Policy

I am interested in how the national atlas emerged from revolutionary ruptures and postcolonial reorganizations. I will show how states used the national atlas to embody the new country, giving it form and shape, a history and geography, a biopolitics and a statistical reality. The national atlas was used to build national identity and construct national coherence.
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