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2014 TA Training/Orientation: Teaching & Learning Workshop

For all new TAs and graduate students interested in teaching

Friday, August 22, 2014
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
On Campus : SHER 003
All new Teaching Assistants, and  all graduate students who are interested in teaching (during or after graduate school) should plan to attend this orientation session.  This session is part of the annual PROF-it (Professors-in-Training) suite of activities offered to graduate students. 

Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

Topics include:

  •  $2000 "Professors in Training" (PROF-it) Opportunities at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) - UMBC/CCBC Teaching Fellows Program
  • Teaching Undergraduates Through the "Introduction to an Honors University (IHU)" Program
  • "Teaching Disciplinary Thinking" 
  • Instructional Technologies (Including Blackboard, Bb screencasting, and Bb Collaborate for virtual office hours.)  
  • Conflict Resolution: What Every TA Needs to Know
  • Assisting Students with Disabilities
  • Counseling Center
  • Panels of experienced TAs and instructors in Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines, and for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.
  • Lunch Success Seminar on Life/Work Balance (Robert Deluty, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Professor of Psychology, Affiliate Associate Professor of English, Poet, and Author). Register for this event using the following link:

8:30 AM: Registration and breakfast outside of SHER 003

Program elements (above) - SHER 003

9:00 AM: PROF-it Teaching Opportunities

a) CCBC (Dr. Alexis Williams)

b) Introduction to an Honors University (Jill Randles, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Dean)

c) Opportunities for enhanced training with Skillsoft (Jill Wardell, Training and Development Specialist)

9:30 AM: Instructional Technologies - Blackboard Online Technology for Teaching - includes Bb screencasting, and Bb Collaborate for virtual office hours

(Dr. Thomas Penniston, Instructional Technology and New Media)

10:00 AM: "Teaching Disciplinary Thinking"

(Dr. Linda Hodges, Associate Vice Provost, Director of the Faculty Development Center)

11:00 AM: Conflict Resolution

(Stephanie Lazarus, Human Relations Manager)

11:15 AM: Assisting Students with Disabilities

(Cynthia Hill, Associate Provost, Director of Student Success Services, invited)

11:30 AM: Counseling Center

(Dr. Susan Han, Staff Psychologist/Outreach Coordinator)

11:45 AM: "Top TAs" Give Advice in Discipline-specific Sessions

1) The Graduate Assistant Advisory Committee (Barbara Linam-Church, Chair)

2) Breakout Sessions (Discussions include: leading a lab, grading, teaching class, time management, and more)

a) TAs in CNMS & COEIT - SHER 003

1. Daniel Miller (Physics - Moderator)
2. Ahmed Aleroud (Information Systems)
3. Jonathan Laney (CSEE)
4. Barbara Linam - Church (Human-Centered Computing)
5. Farhoud Kabirian (Mechanical Engineering)
6. Chia-hua Lue (Biology)
7. Zana Coulibaly (Mathematics and Statistics)
8. Rowena Bastero (Mathematics and Statistics)

b) TAs in CAHSS - SHER 006

1. Felix Burgos (LLC - Moderator)
2. Jessica Hopkins (Sociology)

1:00 PM LIfe/Work Balance Lunch Seminar with Dr. Deluty

(The lunch seminar has a separate RSVP


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