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Current Students

 LLC Students’ Research Interests

Frank Anderson   David Balosa

Sociolinguistics, Language Policies, Language Domination, Spanish and Linguistic Minority Rights in the United States, Intercultural Communication and Cultural Exchange, Global Intercultural Citizenship, Critical/Political Discourse Analysis, Social Media Studies, Lusophone Africa Studies, Frantz Fanon Studies, Gabriel Marcel Studies, and Moral, Social and Political Philosophy.

La’Tasha Banks   Erin Berry

Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Media & Communication Studies, Social Media, Research Methods, Ethics, Double-Consciousness, Black Feminist Thought, Hip-Hop Feminism, & Sociolinguistics

Hir Bhandari

Critical Diversity, Critical Race Theory, Affirmative Action, Cultural Studies, Intersectionality

  Alyssa Brumis

Media’s portrayal of marginalized groups, social inequality, institutionalized inequality, public discourse and its influence on perception and intolerance, social media and discrimination, social movements

Laurel Burggraf 

Ossian/Fenian cycle, oral/written traditions, Samuel Johnson’s Literary Club, reliability of academic apparatus, intercultural encounters in the eighteenth century

  Felix Burgos

Memory studies, Trauma and Violence, Critical heritage studies, Electracy, Digital humanities and Intercultural communication

 Kathleen Callaghan Rachel Carter

Social justice education, higher education, feminist pedagogy, feminist theory, philosophy of education. Working title of dissertation: Imagining otherwise: Narrating transformative identity work in a college-level social justice course

 Deanna Cerquetti May Chung

Dialect awareness and education, Asian American language practices, teacher education of pre-service teachers, and linguistically and culturally diverse teaching practices for English language learners

Ron Collins

Sociolinguistics; language, culture and education; history of linguicism and the nature of linguistic bigotry; language ideology and dialect subordination; language variation theory; pragmatics of natural language

  Sonya Crosby 

Black Women and Work,  Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, Women and Leadership, Higher Education, Black Feminism

Sherella Cupid

Higher Education, Black Feminist Theory & Practice, Community Participatory Action Research, Black women experience, Digital Storytelling, Black girlhood

  Elizabeth Cusick
Teresa Daniell

Latina veterans, identity studies, intersectionality

  Steven Dashiell

Masculinity studies, sociology of culture, sociolinguistics, social inequality,military/veteran identity, narrative analysis, practice theory, feminist standpoint theory

Inte’a DeShields

Rhetoric and media– intercultural communication and rhetoric, critical rhetoric and critical analysis; sociolinguistics– intersections of identity, language, and culture, African American accent and cultural dialect in Baltimore; Africana studies– insurgent intellectualism, double-consciousness, and womanism

  Landry Digeon

Comparative analysis of French Quebecois T.V. series, Development of quantitative methods to analyze visual documents, Semiotics, Film language, Production ethnography

Eloiza Domingo-Snyder

Micro Aggressions, Law Enforcement

  Shirley B. Dunlap

Intersectionality of race, gender, and cultural history in American Theatre—production and performance—as seen through theory and methodology

Ibrahim Er

Multimodal Discourse Studies (Multimodality), Social Semiotics, Media discourses, Global Television (Transnationalism and TV format adaptations), Cultural (G)Localization, Television and Film Studies (Film Theory)

  Aiyda Evans
Heidi Faust

Intersectionality, Race, Class, Language, Culture and Education, Teacher Education, TESOL, Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice in Eduction, Feminist Epistemologies, Contested concepts of community, identity, culture, nation, borders

  Kim Feldman

Academic literacy, critical pedagogy, culturally responsive teaching, teacher identity and voice, teacher negotiation of policy and practice

Shani Fleming

Institutional Accountability: Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Minorities in Medical Education; Critical Race Theory

   Jessica Floyd

Analyzing sea shanties through the lens of gender/sexuality/literary theory in order to understand/illustrate the construction of masculinity and sexuality on Merchant Sailing ships during the Great Age of Sail

Teresa Foster

Early modern Atlantic; forced and coerced labor in the colonial Chesapeake; 18th c. convict transportation; gender constructs in judicial punishment

   Mary Gallagher

Higher education access, retention, and persistence for nontraditional and underserved students (especially transfer students & multilinguals); higher education policy; college student development; conceptual metaphor; quantatitve methodology

 Montia Gardner   Kyle Goehner

The Pathways Model in Community Colleges

Delana Gregg

Researching first-generation college students and their experiences in higher education

  Nana K. Gyesie

Identity negotiation of foreign born Africans students, Community College Honors/Scholarships programs and Student Success, Study Abroad programs and Identity Negotiation African Americans students

Keith Harmon

inclusive excellence; underrepresentation; race and ethnicity; intervention programs; culture of higher education

  Ronald M. Harvilicz III (RJ)

Coffee, Cafe, Culture, Writing, Identity

 Shawnisha Hester


 Anthony Hynes


Jonathan Inscoe



Ruken Isik

Feminist Theory, Women’s Movements, Identity construction, Intersectionality

Christopher Justice

Writing studies, environmental humanities, environmental rhetoric and discourse, ecocriticism, animal studies, film studies

  Felipe Kerschbaum

Second Language Acquisition, ESL/EFL, Language Teacher Education, Identity and Language Learning

Diane Kuthy

Community arts, arts education, multi-modal literacy, cultural interventions, participatory research methods

  Mary Laurents

Exploration of the cultural, social, and psychological mechanisms that underlie the development of cultural narratives as a reaction to mass death or catastrophic loss

Tunisia Lumpkin   Alyse Minter

Information behavior, intersectional feminism, critical race theory, language and literacy, digital diasporas, organization development, communities

Katherine Morris

Retention of first and second generation college students and helping bilingual students develop their writing skills

Alison Morrow

Cultural studies, intercultural and communication, comparative narrative analysis, media and communication studies, popular culture, television and film theory

Susan Mrozowski

Historical Analysis Of Medical Illustration

  Ngeri Nnachi

Inclusion, Empowerment, Code Switching, Human Rights

Panthea Parang   Ingrid Parker

“Women Leaders in Iraqi Civil Society and U.S. Women in Arms: An Army Officer’s Investigation into Similarities through Life Stories”

Tamisha Ponder

Cultural Studies, Youth Activism and Youth Resistance, Race on College Campuses, Student Activism, Black Women’s Coping Mechanisms, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Identity Discourse in Youth, Black Feminism/Womanism, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Gender Studies in Youth, LGBT, Community Participatory Action Research, Black Feminist Theory

  Sheila Prados

Mental Health Help Seeking Behaviors of African Americans in the Baltimore area

Jiselle Providence

Decolonization, Violence and Culture, Efficacy of Caribbean based social movements and Slave Reparations

   Siobhan Quinn

Examination of community engagement mechanisms designed by anchor institutions within culturally complex communities. Specific interest in cultural arts centers and other programs promoting multicultural literacy through interdisciplinary programs in the arts and humanities

Doaa Rashed

ESL Teacher professional identity, school-community partnership, teacher professionalism and student identity, teacher professional development


  Chrissie Reilly
Erin Roth

Health disparities among urban, older adults with multiple chronic health condition; pragmatics of the relationship with health care/public health professionals; resilience and agency in a biomedically-privileged context; ethnography

  Greg Simmons

entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial identity, under representation in entrepreneurship and innovation communities

Dawn Shafer

First generation graduate students, educational inequality, cultural capital, qualitative research methods

Sedrick Smith
Sonya Squires-Caesar

Tangled Money Tales: A Life History Exploration of Childhood Money Messages”

  Shawntay Stocks

Race, racial microaggressions and diversity within higher education


Jaclyn Stone

Rape Myth Acceptance; How Power Based Personal Violence is addressed in Higher Education



Tissa Thomas

Ecosemiotics, ecocriticism and critical animal studies, ecopoetics, cultural studies, anthropocene studies, human ecology, sociocultural aspects of science language acquisition, symbolic interactionism, phenomenology and representations of space and place (urban/rural and private/public), discourse analysis, citizen science and community participatory research, science communication (public understanding of science), critical theory


 Antione Tomlin

African American male student success, attitudes toward students with disabilities, and transitional periods of first year college students.

  Chikao Tsubaki

Community College Students’ Perceptions of Online Tutorial Services: A Case Study

Shelly Washington

Black millennial feminism, diversity in the workplace, double consciousness, wealth inequality, social mobility, the intersection of personal and professional identities in social media, sex positivity

  Kevin Wisniewski

The history of the book; American literature and culture; the history of reading; digital humanities and digital publishing

Tymofey Wowk

Remedial college student persistence at 2-year schools, sociology of higher education, psychology and student development theory, quantitative methods, higher education policy

  Eva Wright 
Caylie Zidwick

International Education, Intercultural Compentency Training