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Advanced Statistics for Researchers Part IV

Testing the Validity of a Causal Structure

Friday, February 21, 2014
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
On Campus : COMM 331
PROMISE AGEP, the Graduate School and the Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs is proud to introduce a new series of seminars presented by Dr. Christopher Rakes, Assistant Professor, Department of Education.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysisis a set of methods for
combining results from multiple studies to examine an overall effect. These
techniques allow researchers to “step back” from individual studies and see a
clearer picture of the field. This series will include methods for conducting
systematic literature reviews and computing effect sizes.

Structural Equation Modelingis a robust analytic framework that envelopes and improves upon many other
familiar analytic methods (e.g., ANOVA, regression). Structural equation
modeling, allows researchers to model both measured variables (such as items on
a questionnaire) and the unobserved (latent)
factors associated with those variables. This series will include methods for
using structural equation modeling to conduct confirmatory factor analysis,
testing causal structures, and comparing group differences in latent means.

Session 4

Structural Equation Modeling

Testing the Validity of a
Causal Structure

session will focus on methods for examining relationships between latent
factors. Topics will include development of a hypothesized model, input file
specification, interpretation of results, and post hoc analyses.

Lunch will be served

NOTE: The room has changed from COMM 329 to COMM 331.

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