Dr. Beverly Bickel

Beverly Bickel (bickel@umbc.edu) is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Doctoral Program and Affiliate Associate Professor of Gender and Women Studies at UMBC. She is currently serving as LLC’s Acting Director. Her research broadly focuses on the production, exchange, and dissemination of transformational knowledge that supports institutional transformation and changing cultural practices that increase social justice and participatory democracy. This research aims at highlighting the essential role of building sustained relationships across differences while negotiating diverse knowledge sources, experiences, discourses and intellectual practices to address local and transnational transformational challenges. She is interested in how multiple truth claims and the discursive practices of people in diverse social knowledge networks operate in f2f and online public places and spaces. This work also investigates changing higher education cultures of publically engaged scholarship and the integration of research, teaching and service for higher education faculty members as well as how critical, feminist, and participatory pedagogies support the development of critical consciousness for students, K-12 teachers, college and university instructors, and community activists and leaders.

Her research is based in interdisciplinary projects including the Teachers’ Democracy Project, the UMBC Breaking Ground initiative, and Imagining America.