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Post-Candidacy Forms

Doctoral students will obtain candidacy upon completion the Comprehensive Field Examination. At this stage, students must start selecting their dissertation committee and work on their dissertation proposal defense. The following chart displays information about the forms, location and due dates during the post-candidacy stage.


Title of Form Form Location Signers Due Date
Proposed Dissertation Defense Committee Form LLC Website (See below) Candidate, LLC Director BEFORE proposal defense
Proposal Defense Form LLC Website (See below) Chair(s) Day of proposal denfense
Nomination of Members for the Final Doctoral Dissertation Examination Committee Graduate School Candidate, Chair(s), GPD 6 months prior to defense
Application for Diploma Graduate School Chair(s) Enrollment Day 10 of graduating semester
Certification of Readiness to Defend the Doctoral Dissertation Graduate School Chair(s), Readers, GPD 2 weeks prior to defense
Announcement of PhD Dissertation Defense Graduate School None 2 weeks prior to defense
LLC Approval Sheet Recommendations LLC Website (See below) Chair(s) 3 weeks prior to commencement

Proposed Dissertation Defense Committee

Doctoral candidates must complete and submit this form to the LLC Director before scheduling the Proposal Defense.

Proposal Defense

Doctoral students must complete this form upon successful defense of their dissertation proposal.

LLC Approval Sheet Recommendations